Calling Creatives To Protect The Aravalli

The Bad, The Ugly and The Not-So-Good

In the National Capital Region we are already battling the most polluted air in the world. On top of that our ground water levels are depleting at a rapid rate. The one thing critical for our air, water and health is our forests.

But Haryana govt. wants to convert one third of the forest land in the state for commercial use. By changing the PLPA (Punjab Land Preservation Act) they will be able take control of over 74,000+ acres of forest land. Even though Harayana has only 3.59% forest cover – one of the lowest in the country.

In March 2019, the Supreme Court (SC) placed a stay order on the provisions of the amendment of the Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA) by the Haryana legislature. The PLPA act protects the Aravalli hills, NCR’s last green lung as forests. But Haryana has still not withdrawn the amendment and we will lose our precious Aravalli forests soon.

It’s time to protect the future of our forests once and for all. Let’s stop the amendment of PLPA. #Aravallibachao #StopPLPAamendment

The Challenge

A small group of citizens are trying to raise awareness on the importance of Aravallis. There is urgent need for creative material that can take the message to more people. 

If you are a creative soul and concerned about this issue, please lend your talent to this cause. Last date for signing up is 16th Sept 2019, but if you are still keen to contribute please visit

Writers, musicians, poets, filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, performance artists, social media influencers .. the list is endless. Every idea can make a difference.

We will send you more details on the issue and connect you to other creatives in the pool so you can team up and amplify your ideas. All content produced will be released under a creative commons license with proper attribution to the creators. 


We have to start sending out information as soon as possible. The 2019 Haryana Assemble polls will take place in October 2019. We have less than a month to convince the decision makers as well as the citizens. Here are some links to follow and know more.
Facebook group | Twitter | Instagram | Blog

*This is entirely a citizen’s campaign. There are no donors, sponsors, or political parties involved. For more information and to get involved please visit:

Healing Forest

Healing Forest is a journey to discover the magical healing powers of nature. To find ways to reconnect people with nature.  Join us in this exploration of fascinating forests and inspiring stories of healing from nature.

Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping Forests heal.

b-leaf-3Forests are known to have great healing properties. As humans, we have evolved in nature. It’s where we feel most comfortable. It has been scientifically proven that when we spend time in nature, our brain behaves differently. It affects how we feel and think, which has a direct impact on our immunity and healing powers.

Countries like South Korea and Japan have designated healing forests. Forests that one can go to find calm, balance and good health. Forests that help people recover, relax and revive.

To experience the concept first hand, visit this link to try out some Nature Walks, Games and Meditations based on the Japanese concept of Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing.

b-leaf-multiIf this idea interests you, please subscribe to this blog with your email. Here are some of the things we hope to do: Organise nature walks. Publish maps of healing forest trails. Bring out new films on the healing powers of nature. Create conscious communities. Provide natural healing tips. Tell stories of inspiring people. Discover fascinating forests that can serve as therapy forests. Do action projects that give back to nature.

Click on these links to read our latest posts and healing stories. Feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts in the comment box below. To know more about this initiative visit the about page.

Please share this with people in your life who may need a moment of calm in their life.

Work Showreel

Here’s a small sample of some of the movies that we have made for clients:


Recycle your phone interactive campaign. In this short movie made specifically for youtube, we have used an innovative annotations feature to make the film interactive.

Dream Readers

A short film made in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador for our project ‘Enchanted Lands & Fables‘.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A short documentary on an organization that is transforming lives.

Tell us what you think about these movies. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Jadui Pankh – Magic Feather (hindi film with english subtitles)

Jadui Pankh (Magic Feather) is a free online comedy hindi film with english subtitles. A collection of 7 funny short films rolled into one full movie. Watch one of the short films from the movie collection here and also find links to other films from the series:

Movie Credits (Ali and the Magic Feather):
Film by- Nitin Das
Music — Mangesh Dhakde, Sound Design — Vinit D’Souza
Production — Latif Shaikh, Zaffar Shaikh
Children from — Down To Earth, Mumbai
Key Actors:
 Zaffar, Asif, Prakash, Dinesh, Narendra, Rahul, Vijendra, Surya Prakash,Babu Bhai

Making of Jadui Pankh

This film has been shot over a period of 2 years across various slums in Mumbai. However the stories are not about poverty, misery or hunger.

The film takes you to an unusual world through the eyes of children. They show you that even in the darkest of times and most difficult of situations it is possible to find happiness and hope.

The film has been made with children from 7 non-profit organizations across Mumbai. We shall be releasing one story every month on this web-site. To follow the film, please subscribe. Please share the link of this page to help us spread the word about Jadui Pankh.

More comedy hindi films from Jadui Pankh collection

Jadui Pankh (Magic Feather) is a fun film for the entire family. The film is made up of 7 interlinked stories. These are stories of magic and adventure, of friendship and mischief, of courage and a clever ghost. (All films have english subtitles)

Story number 2Haunted House – A comedy film about a boy named Radio who decides to spend a night at a haunted house to win a bet. Watch now>

Story number 3: Cricket Match – A short film about one of the most interesting cricket matches ever played. Whether you love cricket or not, you’ll love this film. Watch now>

Story number 4: Bombay – A short film about two street magicians who stop a gang of terrorists from planting a bomb. Watch now>

Magic Feather and many other stories:

     More films coming soon!