Participate in a film lab designed specifically for change-makers, startups and entrepreneurs. Let us show you how to create visual communication and films that not only bring your ideas to life but also helps you attract funding, customers, and the right team to support your dream.

Harness the power of the visual medium to amplify your ideas exponentially. Learn the invaluable skill of visual storytelling and scale up your vision.

Amplify Your Ideas

Less than 10% of new ideas succeed. Many of the failures happen, not because the offering is bad. It’s because we are unable to sell the idea forward. So what’s the missing link?

We live in an age of smartphones but most people are camera illiterate. Anyone with a camera can take pictures, but only a few know the rules and language to create the needed impact. The future of communication is visual. Knowing how to create impactful videos creates exponential success. Not knowing how to do it will keep you struggling for reach and revenue.

Visual communication is a powerful tool to help you create exponential reach and growth. It will attract the right investors and team members to your idea – and is essential to build your brand.

A Month Of Mentoring

The mentoring month is designed as a practical hands-on approach where the participants will work on their own individual films and campaigns. First there’s a 2-day intensive session to help you master the basics of visual communication. At the end of these 2 days each participant should have created their own films and be comfortable with various aspects of filmmaking. Over the course of the next month you will be guided through 4 weekly mentoring sessions to polish your ideas and fine tune your skills.

All sessions are held online via zoom. The primary tools for the training will be your smartphone and an open source editing software that we will provide.

2-Day intensive

The sessions will cover the basics of filmmaking which includes: Cinematography, Story-telling, Direction, Editing, Production, Publicity, AI Tools. Here’s a brief intro to each session.

How to understand the language of films, frames, and visual stories.

How to create effective stories, scripts, and screenplays.

Editing Basics
How to handle any editing software. Grasping the basics of editing.

What are the fundamentals for the art of direction and how to get better at it. Rules for directing actors and for directing the technical team.

Editing Advanced
How to polish your editing skills. Learn some advanced tips and tricks.

What equipments and production tools to use. How to make your videos cost effective.

How to publicise your videos and create more engagement.

Bonus: AI Tools
How do we leverage new technology to enhance your creations.

Over the course of the 2 days, participants will also work on 2 short films. The first, is to create a visual montage of their personal story. The second film will be a music video that depicts the potential of their idea.

4-Week mentoring

The next stage is to fine tune your visual communication skills. You will work on creating a 1 minute video pitch for your idea or brand. You will also learn the art of creating campaigns and measuring their effectiveness. The mentoring session will be conducted in small groups so there is shared learning amongst participants.

Week 1: How to create effective copy for your video pitch and how to test it out.
Week 2: Storyboarding, planning and laying the production groundwork for your film.
Week 3: Evaluating the shots and the rough edits of your visual story.
Week 4: Fine tuning and testing the final film drafts. How to move from individual films to creating a campaign with a series of films.

Filmmaking is a practical skill not a theoretical one. There is a lot of information available for free online, but without a mentor it will take you many months to master the nuances. By sharing priceless lessons and learning from our in-depth experience we speed up your learning curve. In this one month of film lab, we have compressed one year of training through the traditional channels.

On your learning journey, these skills will be of great help even when you advance to higher stages. As your idea and initiative grows these tools will be extremely useful in scaling up your impact globally.

About The Trainer

Nitin Das is the founder of Filmkaar – a production house set up to tell stories of uncommon people and extraordinary initiatives. His youtube channel has over 2 million subscribers. He has an MBA from IIM Lucknow (2000) and was working as the brand manager for India’s largest news magazine before he found his calling. He has done a filmmaking course from New York (2005) and has a wide body of film projects covering different genres. Nitin is an Asia Society Fellow, a selective group of young leaders chosen from across Asia each year for their work.

Date & Time

The film mentoring sessions only happen twice in a year. Participation is limited to 10 applicants only. To be notified of the next session in advance please fill in this form.

Film Lab Fees – Teams of 2

The value of a mentor cannot be measured in monetary terms. With present technology it is not difficult to make films, but to create extraordinary work you need experience as well as guidance. A mentor not only gives feedback, but also provides direction when you go offtrack and inspiration when you really need it.

TEAMS: Filmmaking is most effective as a team effort. Add 1 team member / cofounder to participate in the film lab at no extra cost.

The team fees for the Film Lab Mentoring
INR 19,900/- for the 2-day intensive and INR 4,900/- for the 4 week mentoring.

For students or recent graduates the team fees is
INR 10,900/- for the 2-day intensive and INR 4,900/- for the 4 week mentoring.

At the end of the 2 day intensive you can opt in or out for the mentoring sessions. Based on your performance we will even guide you on the correct course of action. More than a training program, we see this initiative as becoming supporters of your idea’s journey. Your success determines ours.

Mastering the skill of visual storytelling has become a critical investment in this digital age of electronic media. If you get a film made from a professional, the charges can range from INR 5 Lacs and upwards. Fresh graduates and amateur filmmakers may charge INR 50 k and above for a basic film. For many people these expenses are prohibitive. Also due to the fact that we live in a sea of content, creating just one film is not enough. It will get lost in a very short time. To create an effective reach one has to think of a campaign which consists of multiple films over a period of time. Therefore, the value offered in this course is many times more than the amount you invest in upgrading your skillset. It offers you an entirely new way of communicating.


This program only happens twice in a year. The 2 day intensive and mentoring is limited to 10 teams. Due to the large number of applicants we have a simple selection process. The criteria is based on your pitch as well as the ideas we can synergise with and add the most value to.

In case you are interested, please fill in the form and we’ll let you know when the next session is scheduled. For any specific queries feel free to reach out to us at: support(at)filmkaar(dot)com