AIGO – India

AIGO stands for Artificial Intelligence Generated Outings. AIGO is a new way of exploring old places. We work with AI to bring enchanting fables from magical lands to life. You will find thought provoking stories that help you uncover the soul of this beautifully complex land called India.

Imagine the impossible

AIGO is also a way to open your mind. To fill you world with wonder and curiosity, and to inspire you to travel. Come, let’s go on imaginary adventures to fantastic places. Somewhere between the real and unreal is an idea that is waiting for you.

AIGO Punjab

May the 4th be with you. Traveling in a remote Punjabi village where Star Wars has a cult following you’ll find these strange vehicles. On this significant date the jugaad inventors bring out their futuristic creations for an epic road show. Their message to the world – there is a dreamer within all of us.

AIGO Assam

Why do the elephants of Assam create art?
Is it to draw attention to their dwindling numbers? Is it to remind us that these fields were once dense forest they called home?

Why do the elephants of Assam create art?
It’s for the same reason that all artists create.
To feel alive.


Does AI know answers to questions that have mystified humans for ages? Can it reveal knowledge that was hidden in the heads of a few? On assignment to document the levitating monks of Leh, I decided to let AI unravel their secret.

AIGO What’s next?

This is an ongoing project. With time I will keep adding new stories and destinations. You can also send in your own AIGO creations or suggest new places for us to visit in the comments section of this post.

“To imagine the impossible, is to sow the seeds for making it possible some day.”

HAMPI – City of Stones

Who are we? Where do we come from? The rocks know.
Hampi – the city of stone hides many stories. Some of them are not from Earth. Travel with this 2 minute film to the UNESCO world heritage site of Hampi. A geological marvel of nature on our planet.

This short film is an artistic interpretation of the living rocks of Hampi. It fuses the wonders of Hampi with digital art to reveal the stories hidden inside the rocks.

Remnants of a once thriving civilisation in the South Indian state of Karnataka, there are more than 1,600 monuments from the Vijayanagara Empire. It was one of the last southern Hindu kingdoms which ruled from the 14th to the 16th century. By 1500 CE, Hampi-Vijayanagara was the world’s second-largest medieval-era city after Beijing, and probably India’s richest at that time.

On a more philosophical note, the story that is hidden in the monuments and stones of Hampi whisper about the chisel of time and its intricate workings. Those of have the patience to be still and the curiosity to listen will discover the secret that binds all things on Earth – our origin and our final destination.

Hampi is an exceptional place. Every person who visits it, finds something unique. As an artist I have used digital art to depict the stories that the rocks of Hampi told me. This is not a documentary, it is a cinematic short film. No rocks were harmed or moved in the making of this video.

India In 5 Minutes

Catch the spirit of India in this short film and get a glimpse of the many wonders that India has to offer. From the Himalayan ranges in the North to the oceans in the South. From the deserts in the West to the rain forests of the East. Experience the many worlds that make up India.


Simple to explain.
Difficult to understand.

Quick to amaze.
Slow to absorb.

Impossible to predict.
Certain to enchant.

Always full of adventure.
Never short of warmth.

Easy to love.
Hard to forget.


This film ‘India Unravelled’ was made possible through a documentary film fellowship by PSBT. Visit them at


Here’s a list of 10 of my personal favourite destinations in India (in no particular order).

Rann of Kutch
Andaman Islands

Write your favourite place in India in the comment box below and I’ll try to create a film on the most popular choice. Feel free to share, screen, embed this film.


Varanasi – Time Loops

The flow of time is a great illusion. Sometimes it moves fast, sometimes it slows down. It can make you feel alive or it can make you feel half dead. But in Varanasi, one can see this illusion clearly. For in Varanasi, time stops.


Given below are a series of time loops that try to capture the essence of life in Varanasi. They depict the illusion of being stuck in a time loop. For some people time does not move in a straight line, it flows in circles. Life may appear to move forward but if one observes closely, one can see it repeating itself in patterns. Check out the time loops below and see if the illusion is also present in your life.


What is, isn’t
What isn’t, is

What was, will be
What is, won’t

What flows, stays
What stays, fades

What’s loved, is suffered
What’s suffered, is unloved

What’s gained, is lost
What’s lost, is missed

What destroys, creates
What’s created, is destroyed

What lives, dies
What dies, transforms

What transforms, is truth
What separates, is illusion

What moves, is mind
What passes, is time

What is, isn’t
What isn’t, is

END NOTE: The wise people of Varanasi know that life is ruled by a simple principle- Everything Flows. The river flows. People come and go. Fortunes  and governments change. The sun, moon, seasons are all part of the flow. When one becomes aware of the flow, one can be free of illusions. I hope these words and time loops have helped you flow through Varanasi. Keep flowing.

Slow – A film from North East India

Slow down. Take your time. Free your mind.
Watch this 90 second film from the amazing parts of North East India. In a fast paced world we are all trying to make the most of our time, but this film talks about a far more important task.

North East India

On rare mornings when the sky is clear, the rays of the rising Sun strike the Kanchenjunga peak and set it aflame. One by one the adjoining peaks catch this light and turn crimson. One of the few places in India, from where one can witness this match-light effect is the small town of Pelling in West Sikkim.

North-east-india-matchlightMeanwhile in Dawki, Meghalaya close to the border of India and Bangladesh runs a river with waters that are crystal clear. Clear enough for some people to catch fish simply by spotting and lifting them up.

Slow-poster-3And in the open grasslands of Kaziranga and Manas in Assam, one can get dangerously close to gigantic one horned rhinos. Close enough to hear them chew the grass as you sit on top of your elephant ride.

North East RhinoIt is surprising but many people don’t know about the treasures of North East India. Here’s a 90 second short film that captures the beauty of the less traveled Dooars region in North East India.

If you have traveled and experienced the wonders of North East India then tell us your favorite parts. We’ll try and include them in our next film from the North East.

film making mentoring 2NOTE: If you liked this film you can check out our collection of short travel films from amazing corners of the world at this link:

India. Travel to Paradise.

India. Easy to explain, difficult to understand. India. A sea of stories. Here’s an inspiring story from incredible India. This film was shot in Kolkata. A city that will amaze, inspire, and enchant you. In case you ever get a chance to visit, I am sure you will have your own story to tell.

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Film by: Nitin Das
Special thanks – Tulika Bhattacharya
Music: Avinash Baghel

India Travel

Travel to Paradise (Text)

We are all travelers of life
Walking into the unknown
Some are driven around
Some fly
But some…are just pulling their way through it.

The journey is never easy,
There’s chaos and confusion
There are cross-roads and road blocks
There are laws to follow and laws to break
and there’s the endless waiting
waiting… to reach somewhere in life.

So what fuels our travel?
For some it is adventure
For some it is ambition
For some it is wealth
For some it is love
For some it is faith

Our paths and vehicles may vary,
but the journey’s end is the same for all.
And beyond the bridge
some hope to find Paradise.
But some
have already found it.
For they know,
We are all travelers of life,
but the real journey lies within.