Creativity Innovation Leadership Workshop

The Future Workshop

Look back in time. You will see a graveyard of organizations that have become obsolete. The writing on the wall is clear. Innovate or persih.

As we hurtle into the unseen future, the greatest challenge is not the uncertainity outside but the complacency inside. Do we have the right mindset to face the unknown? What is our relationship with challenges, failure and conflict?

We have developed a unique workshop module that revolves around the creative process of filmmaking. The interactive sessions help the participants explore and enhance their creative skills. Most importantly the workshop builds a new perspective centered around innovation.

The process involves working on creating a short film that perdicts the future. Participants take an intellectual leap in ideas to create new possibilities and solutions that will help their orgainzations evolve and grow. The completed movie can then be shared with the rest of the organization to spark new debates, discussions and ideas.

The future awaits. Let’s innovate.

Duration: 6 sessions of 2 hrs   Charges: Price based on workshop design and client specific requirements  Maximum participants in a group: 15

*Note: This workshop is only for groups and organizations. For more details send us an email at nitindas((at))flmkaar{dot}com or sitesh.das{at}gmail{dot}com

Workshop Session Design:

Session 1. Understanding your mind
Can creativity be taught?
Illusions and Perceptions
Fundamentals of Creativity and Innovation
Exercise: Playing with Perceptions

Session 2. Ideation Techniques
Conflict and Opportunity Mapping
Exercise: Idea Development

Session 3. Creativity in Action
Role Playing
Frameworks and Successful Innovations
Exercise: Future Prediction

Session 4. Creativity in Teams
Understanding team dynamics
Finding your creativity type
Matching creative styles across teams
Exercise: Creating a short film

Session 5. Implementing a Creative Project
Participants work in groups to complete their short film based on innovative ideas and challenges for the future.
Exercise: Shooting the film

Session 6. Innovation Marketing
Selling new ideas to new people
Steps for effective implementation of new ideas
Creating and managing change
Exercise: The Ferrari Sales Pitch

End note: The Innovation Mindset
Hurdles to innovation
Creating a new future