film making mentoring 1I am conducting an online filmmaking workshop specifically for Blender Artists. The workshop aims to clear fundamentals about the various aspects of filmmaking. The sessions will cover the basics of film making which includes: Story-telling, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Production and also Raising Funds to make your film and ways to Promote & Distribute it.

Filmmaking Fundamentals

film making mentoring 2Blender has many talented artists, but very few of them have a formal grounding in film making basics. Even though Blender has become a powerful tool that can be used to create compelling VFX and films,  many artists hesitate to explore that direction.

The aim of this workshop is create a pool of Blender artists who are keen on films and VFX. To train them in the core concepts of film-making so that they can use their talents to create wonderful films in the future.

*Note: This film lab is not about ‘how to make films using blender’ but more about learning the core principles that can help you create wonderful stories and films. In the spirit of Blender’s open source and free ideology, this lab is also free

Workshop Details

Duration: 4 sessions spread across 4 weeks
film making mentoring 4Timings: Sundays of June 2016; 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm (Indian standard time)
Venue: Online via SKYPE
Max. number of participants: 9 people

Week 1: How to visualise films? Writing scripts and screenplays.
Week 2: Directing the camera. Directing the characters
Week 3: Editing theory and effective editing techniques
Week 4: Fundraising, Common hurdles, Survival strategies, Film promotion

* Due to limited seats, applications will be screened. Please send in you application before 30th of May 2016


film making mentoring 5To apply you need to send the following by e-mail to support(at)filmkaar(dot)com
1. Name, Age, Contact number, Profession, Favourite movie.
2. The story of your life in a tweet 140 characters only.
3. Links to your blender artwork / film

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If you need more clarifications, please send an email to support (at) filmkaar (dot) com