film making mentoring 5The frequently asked questions have been categorized into a few broad confusions. Please try and find the answers to your questions on this page. In case you can’t, you may leave your question at You can also send an email to support(at)filmkaar(dot)com with your question. Please give us time to respond as we may be traveling on a shoot.

Technical Doubts

Q: What kind of camera will I need? What if I don’t have one?
A: Any digital camera that records decent quality video is good. A good test to check your existing camera is to shoot a small video with your camera and transfer it into your computer. Open the file with windows movie maker (or imovie for mac users). If the file opens then you are good to go. If it doesn’t, try converting it into a compatible format. Here’s the link to a free tool.

Q: What editing software will I need?
A: For the mentoring sessions we will be using  free movie editing software – windows movie maker  for PC and iMovie for Mac. If you don’t have them installed, search for them online and download them on your computer.

Philosophical Doubts

Q: What organisations are supported?
A: Social causes and enterprises that create a better world are welcome – except those which are associated with or promote any Religion or Political Parties.

Q: What if I don’t support any cause or am not associated with any non-profit?
A: The lessons in the workshop are geared towards making films for social issues. Priority will be given to applicants who have shown past records of involvement in specific causes.

Q: What if I am not creative or I do not have any creative experience?
A. If you really believe that, then please do not apply. If you have doubts about that statement then there is still hope. Now may be a good time to test yourself.

Q: What do we hope to achieve by the end of the mentoring period?
A: All individuals should be able to create compelling films and tell powerful stories using the medium of film by the end of these sessions. All participants will need to take responsibility for their own learning. We will give you a road map and help you overcome the obstacles, but the journey has to be your own.

Financial Doubts

Q: How can I get a scholarship?
A: For genuinely keen applicants who might be a little short on money at the moment, we overlook a substantial portion of the fees. Please send a scholarship request along with your application if required. You are free to pay as per your mood, inclination or financial position.

Application Doubts

Q: I have sent my application. Now what?
A: Due to the limited manpower at our end, it may take us about 5 days to respond. It is advisable to send in your application as early as possible as the number of seats are limited. Do not panic. You will hear from us.

Q: My application was not selected for this round of mentoring. Should I apply again.
A: Due to time constraints and limited resources we are not able to select all the applicants. Our selection is based on the priority of need and also on the assessment of which individuals will benefit the most from this mentoring. In case your application was not selected, you will receive an email from us with relevant links and resources to help you on your journey of making films.

Metaphysical Doubts

Q: What is the purpose of this workshop and life in general?
A: Selected participants will find the answer at the end of the workshop.

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