AIGO stands for Artificial Intelligence Generated Outings. AIGO is a new way of exploring old places. We work with AI to bring enchanting fables from magical lands to life. You will find thought provoking stories that help you uncover the soul of this beautifully complex land called India.

Imagine the impossible

AIGO is also a way to open your mind. To fill you world with wonder and curiosity, and to inspire you to travel. Come, let’s go on imaginary adventures to fantastic places. Somewhere between the real and unreal is an idea that is waiting for you.

AIGO Punjab

May the 4th be with you. Traveling in a remote Punjabi village where Star Wars has a cult following you’ll find these strange vehicles. On this significant date the jugaad inventors bring out their futuristic creations for an epic road show. Their message to the world – there is a dreamer within all of us.

AIGO Assam

Why do the elephants of Assam create art?
Is it to draw attention to their dwindling numbers? Is it to remind us that these fields were once dense forest they called home?

Why do the elephants of Assam create art?
It’s for the same reason that all artists create.
To feel alive.


Does AI know answers to questions that have mystified humans for ages? Can it reveal knowledge that was hidden in the heads of a few? On assignment to document the levitating monks of Leh, I decided to let AI unravel their secret.

AIGO What’s next?

This is an ongoing project. With time I will keep adding new stories and destinations. You can also send in your own AIGO creations or suggest new places for us to visit in the comments section of this post.

“To imagine the impossible, is to sow the seeds for making it possible some day.”

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